Тема: BD3491FS

Sound Processor with Built-in Surround Sound Function

General Description
Built in stereo 6 input selectors and volume that there is
not an impedance change of a volume terminal. And this
is sound processor can realize 2-band equalizer
(Bass/Treble, Gain±14dB / 2dB_step) and BassBoost,
Output gain, Surround by external components.

 Equipped with 6 single ended stereo input
 Built-in input gain controller suitable for mobile audio.
 Volume input terminal can be used as a microphone
input terminal since its impedance remains constant
even if volume setting is changed.
 Bi-CMOS process is suitable for the design of low
current and low energy. It also provides more quality
for Bi-CMOS small scale regulator and heat in a set.
 The package of this IC is SSOP-A32. Sound input
terminals and output terminals arrangement is
optimized for easy and fast layout of PCB pattern. At
the same time, it minimizes PCB area.

 Suitable for mini-components or micro components.
Used for audio equipment of TV, DVD, etc.

Key Specification
 Current upon no signal: 7mA(typ)
 Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.002%(typ)
 Maximum Input Voltage: 2.4Vrms(typ)
 Crosstalk between Selectors: 100dB(typ)
 Volume Control Range: 0dB to -87dB
 Output Noise Voltage: 5µVrms(typ)
 Residual Output Noise Voltage: 5µVrms(typ)
 Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +85℃

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